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Prescription Swimming Goggles

Prescription swimming goggles have become more popular in the last few years but what exactly are they and why are they being used so often?

Prescription swimming goggles are exactly as their name describes, swimming goggles manufactured with your prescription lenses, just like your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. They are designed for those who normally wear glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision.

Wearing glasses or contacts is no barrier to sports but wearing them while swimming is not recommended. Glasses are easily lost or damaged if worn while swimming. Even allowing for this, their effectiveness is reduced underwater due to light refraction. Using contacts while swimming is much more dangerous from a health perspective as it increases the risk of infection. This is regardless of whether the wearer is swimming in saltwater, freshwater, or a swimming pool. Water borne parasites can still become trapped between the contact and eye, one particularly notorious one is acanthamoeba which can survive in all three water environments mentioned above.

Even those with perfect eyesight suffer underwater, experiencing a blurred effect. A wearer of glasses is at an even greater disadvantage so the use of prescription swimming goggles levels the playing field.

Using prescription swimming goggles allows the user to engage in their favourite activity without risk to their health or losing their eyewear. They are popular with athletes and those who enjoy swimming recreationally. Users can be satisfied that they are not compromising their ability or health by using them.

Getting a set of prescription swimming goggles is very straightforward. Make sure that you know what your eyesight prescription is. If you don’t know then that is easily remedied by getting an eye test done. This can then be applied to your order of goggles, a pair custom made for you.