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Fluorescein “Fluo” Strips 5 Packs of 300 Pack (1500 Strips)

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Fluorescein sodium strips are small, sterile diagnostic tools that are used to assess the health and function of the eyes. These strips contain a small amount of fluorescein sodium which is a slight dye that runs through the eye lid once placed on the lower lid.

As it runs and spreads through the eye, you will be able to determine if and where the damage is in the eye and give an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s eye.

This is one of the easiest and most comfortable diagnostic methods to do with a patient as they are at ease throughout the process. With no other special equipment needed, it’s a great cost-effective and fast way to help treat your patient.


These Fluorescein sodium strips are non-toxic, non-invasive and are an effective tool to use.

This will help to keep and smooth flow of patients and not disturb the scheduling of the practice.

As a healthcare business, we know efficiency and accuracy are a major thing to consider for your practice, and we are with you there!

With an easy system to order this product online, we also go one step further and ship it within 24 hours so you have it at your door fast!